In an ever more globalised world, transport law is of increasing importance - nationally as well as internationally. Companies conduct trade worldwide, customers order products from around the globe and the distribution networks of transport and logistics companies span the entire world.

 As transportation and logistics have become an ever more global matter, so has the legal framework by which the underlying contracts are governed. For most companies, legal expertise in that area is essential for a number of reasons: A valid claim often hinges on the question of which country's law is applicable. Also, various conventions and legal frameworks may be of relevance. Lastly, the jurisprudence might be favourable in one country whilst unfavourable in another.

We provide you with the information necessary to secure your claims or protect yourself against unjustified claims. We also advise on any issues regarding transport law - especially in connection to transport from and to Germany, Poland, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Our lawyers are fluent in English, German, Dutch, Flemish and Polish, therefore providing for the best possible legal representation in international cases.

How you find relevant information and a specialised lawyer

From the above categories select the one that suits your concern. On the individual sub-page you will find a general description of the specific area of law as well as detailed information to the most relevant questions. You can ask us further questions by filling out the respective contact form available on the bottom of each page. Thereby, you request will be send to a lawyer specialised in that very area of law. After an free-of-charge analysis of your request, a lawyer will contact you as soon as possible.

If your concern does not fit within any of the prescribed categories you may also use the general contact form in the sidebar or send us an email to We will then categorise your request and refer it to the relevant lawyer.


Information in other languages

Our lawyers are fluent in German, English, Flemish, Dutch and Polish and can therefore provide qualified advice in cases with international ramifications. Would you like information in another language? In that case visit our online presence in Dutch, Polish or German, available through a click on the relevant icon in the top bar.

Cooperation partners in all of Europe

Aim of our web portal is to provide companies with the best possible professional advice regarding all aspects of transport law. Due to our network of cooperating law practices across Europe, our legal services capabilities are not limited to the national law of any one country.


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