Air Freight Law

Even though less goods have been handled as air freight in 2015, air freight remains a fundamental pillar of the transport sector. Most air freight is send to foreign countries, thereby making air freight law a very international area of law. In cases of loss, damage or theft of goods, it is essential to identify the applicable law or international agreements. 

Although the international community has tried to unify the laws and regulations applicable to air freight, it has not yet been successful in doing so. Hence, various agreements are applicable, such as the Warsaw Convention, the Hague Protocol or the Montreal Convention.

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Large companies employ a legal team to deal with cases of damage, loss and theft of goods. Small and mid-sized companies mostly lack the financial capabilities or infrastructure to do so. provides legal advice to all companies involved in air freight law. Our network provides the legal expertise needed for you to successfully enforce valid claims against a contracting party or to successfully defend against invalid claims.


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