Maritime Law

Worldwide shipping of goods has steadily increased over the past decades. The world has become more globalized, demand for goods from all over to world surges and transportation of the oceans has expanded. Europe has some of the largest shipping ports of the world.

Maritime law governs transportation across the oceans. It is a set of rules, conventions and treaties and is further known as admiralty law. As the shipping of goods overseas involves actors from various nations, the applicable law in each case must be identified either in the individual contract, in international agreements or in national law. Legal expertise is required to identify the applicable law before any further action is taken in a case of loss, damage or theft or in case of unpaid invoices.

How to get advice

Large shipping companies and carriers have a special legal team dealing with these complex legal questions. 

Smaller shipping companies or shipowner may not have the financial means or infrastructure to employ their own legal department. This is where we step in. Our lawyers provide legal expertise and advice on issues of maritime or admiralty law.

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