Multimodal Transport Law

Multimodal transport is the shiping of good using different methods of transportation. It involves at least two of the various modes of transportation. A good example is the transportation of newly manufactured cars. They often are shipped to a port by train, travel across the oceans by ship and will be brought to the retail sellers by truck. The shipment from the factory to the retail seller therefore involves three modes of transportation. 

As mulitmodal transport is an highly international area of business, so is the law, governing multimodal transport. In the UK. the Multimodal Transportation of Goods (Amendment) Act of 2000 forms that basis for any legal evaluation of legal issues in mulitmodal contracs within the UK. However, as the laws of other nations might be much more suitable for the case in question, a broad knowledge of international trade law is required to yield the best results.


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Large corporations have necessary means to employ a legal team that deals with any legal issues. However, we want to provide legal expertise to those that do not have a native legal team. Plenty of contractors and sub-contractors depend on case-to-case legal advice. We provide that advice, no matter whether it be an international case or a case with national ramifications only.


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Common Issues

Loss of Goods

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Theft of Goods

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Limits on Liability

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Exclusion of Liability

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