Road Haulage Law

Road haulage still is the main mode of transportation not only in the United Kingdom but all across Europe and the entire world. Last year, 1.69 billion tonnes of goods have been lifted in road freight and 18.6 billion kilometres have been travelled by trucks within the UK alone.

Within an inter-connected Europe, road freight networks span all across the continent with billions of tonnes of goods being transported across national borders every year. Road haulage cases make up the major portion of cases involving loss, damage and theft of goods in transport law.  

Entire clans and criminal gangs have specialized in stealing goods from trucks while on the road or resting at truck stops. For years, carriers have struggled with the damages caused by these criminal gangs.

Legal advice in case of damages

Large comanies have special legal services teams that handle any cases that might involve legal proceedings and that tackle legal questions.

SMEs and other companies more often than not do not possess the financial means or infrastructure to employ a legal team. The consequence is a lack of legal advice and ultimately the loss of earnings due to unpaid invoices or ineffective defences against claims. offers legal advice and representation to any company. We work cost-conscious in the best interest of our clients. In years of experience our lawyers have won litigation against some of the biggest transport and logistics companies in the world.

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