General Transport Law

Transport law comprises a variety of areas of law. Depending on the mode of transportation, select conventions, laws and judicial decisions may be relevant to an individual case. General transportation law has its own legal principles and doctrines.

Transport law, or transportation law, is highly influence by international agreements as there the business itself has become increasingly international. The laws, regulations and conventions may apply to the entire transport system or just to individual sector of the transport system, such as road haulage, transport by air and sea or multimodal transportation.

In the UK there is a number of Acts relevant to transport, amongst other:

  • the Road Management Act 2004,
  • the Road Safety Act 1986,
  • the Rail Management Act 1996,
  • the Rail Safety Act 2006,
  • the Major Transport Projects Facilitation Act 2009,
  • the Port Management Act 1995,
  • the Marine Act 1988.

Most legal issues in transport law arise when goods are damages, stolen or otherwise lost while being transported. Also, unpaid invoices are a constant cause for legal proceedings.


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